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Tougher Products. Easy Choice.
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At CJWinter®, we know we’re doing more than just selling thread rolls, tool
holders, and attachments for screw machines and lathes. We’re taking on the
day-to-day work issues you face. We’re tackling your high-precision needs.
We want you to think of us first and to think of us every time.

Thread Rolling Solutions

CJWinter® is the industry leader in thread rolling
solutions for CNC, multi-spindle, Swiss, and
Hydromat® applications. When you need
durability, flexibility, and reliability ... we cover
the full spectrum of your thread rolling needs.

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Current Openings

Experienced CNC Setup / Operators for
CNC Swiss / Operators for CNC Lathe ...
- 1st & 2nd shifts

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CJWinter & Cold Root Rolling,
It's What We Do!

CJWinter provides a full range of Cold Rolling Tools
& Wheels for your API, Standard & Proprietary Tool Joint Connections. To learn more visit us at

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