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Thread Rolling Solutions

CJWinter® is the industry leader in thread rolling solutions for CNC, multi-spindle, Swiss, and Hydromat® applications. When you need durability, flexibility, and reliability ... we cover the full spectrum of your thread rolling needs.

As a leading manufacturer of precision thread rolls since 1956, we have extensive experience in the screw machine and turning industries and provide a wide variety of thread rolls as well as innovative solutions for thread roll applications.

Whether you're ordering from our extensive in-stock inventory, or requesting custom-made materials, the thread rolls you get from CJWinter arrive quickly, perform at your exact specs, and last a long, long time.

To help determine correct working face and roll position download our Thread Rolling Solutions pdf.

Thread Rolls: All styles may be single or double slotted

Thread Rolls   Holders    
- Straight - Metric   - Winter - Landis
- Taper Pipe - UNR, UNJ   - Davenport - Reed-Rico
- NPT, NPTF - Acme   - Detroit - Salvo
- British Pipe - Special Forms   - Fette - Fette Style
      - BumpRolls - Landis Style
      - Machine Dies  

Attachment Rolls

CJWinter manufactures a wide range of attachment thread rolls. Our quality and performance is unsurpassed, and standard size thread rolls ship within 24 to 48 hours. We produce rolls to fit not only our own CJWinter attachments, but also all major manufacturers, including Reed, Fette, Salvo and Detroit. Our outstanding Engineering and Inside Sales Staff are ready to provide solutions to your most complicated applications!


CJWinter Knurls are designed to your print. Knurls are made to extremely high standards from the finest materials available. The care and precision used in their manufacture assures the user of a premium quality tool. The High Speed Steel Knurl, lapped to a smooth hard finish will give longer life and impart a smooth clean surface to the knurled part.

Burnishing Rolls

CJWinter Burnishing Rolls are designed to your print. Burnishing Rolls are made to extremely high standards from the finest materials available.


Roll Into Action Training Seminar
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MAThread® & MATpoint®

MAThread and MATpoint are patented threaded fasteners used mainly for the auto industry for improving product assembly. As we all know assembly failures due to cross threading and galling are both time consuming and expensive. The cutting-edge technology of MAThread completely eliminates this problem by its unmatched anti-cross-thread performance. MAThread & MATpoint work with all types of nuts and internal threads, including lock nuts. CJWinter is now a licensed supplier of both MAThread and MATpoint thread dies. For more information on how MAThread works click this links for our MAThread pdf.

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API Cold Rolls

Drill pipes undergo repeated, severe tensile stresses during a drilling operation. These cyclic stresses are particularly focused on the thread roots and can cause premature pipe failure. Cold Rolling is a method in which the material introduced between rollers is compacted and compressed. The amount of force we introduce controls the hardness and other material properties of the finished product.

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- Increased Fatigue Resistance
- Increased Torque Capacity
- Enhanced Performance
- Minimizes Crack Initiation
- Longer Service Life

Machine Dies | Cylindrical Dies

CJWinter is the the world leader in machine dies. When your thread rolling application calls for machine dies and you need them ASAP, you can count on CJWinter to come through for you. In fact, CJWinter typically can meet your exacting thread roll specifications a full 2 to 3 weeks faster than our leading competition.

Give us your specs, and we’ll give you our BEST. For unmatched combination of precision, fast turnaround and competitive pricing for your machine dies, call CJWinter today.

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